Since 2013 “Scheiny’s All Star Yiddish Revue”, serves audiences a smorgasbord of Yiddish music offering an entertaining repertoire ranging from traditional songs to Yiddish swing, new klezmer revival and  50’s & 60’s shtick on a musical roller coaster ride from Belz to the Borscht Belt and beyond.


Deborah “Scheiny“ Gzesh


Singer, actress, producer, teacher and of course, Jewish mother. A native of Chicago’s South Side, subjected to a rainbow of musical influences and languages, Deborah began as a student of the performing arts at an early age. She has trained in improvisational theater at Chicago’s renowned Second City, dance, theater and music studies in New York and Chicago and can look back on and forward to decades of stage experience in the USA and Europe.

Martina Cizek


In Memoriam 1959 – 2019

W.V. Wizlsperger


Wolfgang “Vincenz”, a native of Vienna, has played bass, tuba, trombone, comb and euphonium in Austria, Poland, Croatia, Switzerland and many other places reachable on land. Since 1996, he is well known to Austrian audiences as front man of the infamous Viennese trio “Kollegium Kalksburg”. He also tries his hand at writing poetry, composing for theater, dance and circus and has published two books in collaboration with the silkscreen works of Heimo Wallner. Vincenz appears on numerous CDs and recordings of his own and other’s endeavors.

Paul Skrepek


Drummer and Viennese contra-guitar player, composer, arranger, Paul is a very well known player in Austria. Together with bassist W.V. Wizlsperger, they are two thirds of the non-traditional Viennese song trio “Kollegium Kalksburg”. Paul began as a Dixieland drummer at his trombonist father’s knee and has a musical range spanning styles, eras and cultures across the globe. Internationally he’s performed at music festivals and venues in Austria, USA, Russia, Bulgaria, Morocco, Italy, etc. He’s also performed and composed for theater and film and was awarded the Austrian Film Prize 2011 for Best Score and the Hans Koller Prize 1997 for Jazz Recording. Paul’s virtuosity can be appreciated on dozens recordings.

Muamer Budimlić


Muamer Budimlić is a promising newcomer on the professional music scene in Austria. Trained at the  music conservatory in Bosnia Herzogovina, Muamer has completed his music studies at the University of Vienna. A multi-talent, he plays piano, drums, electric bass and as he proves with „Scheiny’s“ is a prodigy on the accordion. Muamer can also be heard with the contemporary Balkan mix band, “Die Ungeraden”, in and around Vienna!

Thomas Berghammer


Thomas lives and works in Vienna since 1991.
His chosen genres are improvised, free and contemporary jazz and world music. Past and current projects with Joe Mcphee, Roscoe Mitchell, Mars Williams, Wolfgang Mitterer, Ken Vandermark, Mamadou Diabate, Phil Minton, Clayton Thomas, among others, and various works for theater, dance and poetry.